Don’t Forget to Exercise

Intermittent Fasting: A Proven Easy Weight-Loss Method That Works in a Short Period of Time

For those of you who are not aware, intermittent fasting is one of the most effective and safest weight-loss methods that is able to stimulate the body to use its stored energy—burn fat instead of carbohydrates, which is why I have been undertaking it for the last few weeks. From doing so, I have been able to shed away those pounds that always got the best of me when I stood in front of the mirror each morning before going to work. Not only does intermittent fasting help you lose weight, it also comes accompanied by other benefits that make it worth the try.

Undertaking Intermittent Fasting

The practice of this option is well-known as the act of avoiding solid foods for 8-24 hours. It is not a diet, as many believe; it is rather a pattern. You are going to skip certain meals. You will eat calories during a specific time of the day and then not eat during the rest of the hours left. Many celebrities around the world have undergone it to play movie roles, as it simply works! There are a variety of different types of fasting options that you can choose from, including fruit juicing, vegetable juicing, and etc. Due to its popularity, people have developed intermittent fasting recipes.
Eating while Fasting

The 411 on Eating while Fasting

There are different ways that you can conduct intermittent fasting. You can start avoiding food for 8-hours the first week and then taking it to 12-hours the second week and so on. If you do not really like the idea of juicing, you can drink non-caloric beverages and then you can follow with a huge meal at night. Thankfully, there are a lot of non-caloric beverages on the market that is healthy for the body. The options are of grand nature, which makes intermittent fasting much more enjoyable. Water and coffee are also allowed to drink while undertaking this type of fasting. Drinking a lot of water can help you in a lot of areas, not only in losing weight. It can cleanse your internal system, removing toxins, one of the main reasons why doctors recommend it. Now, you don’t have to intake the 8 glasses of water per day, as every person is different and thus requires different amounts of water. Just drink until you feel full.

You can also opt not to eat anything for 24-hours straight. Contrary to what many believe, nothing is going to happen to you if you opt not eat for 24-hours. You can go ahead and eat a big meal on Monday during lunchtime and then do not eat anything else until Tuesday during lunchtime. Make sure that you eat a huge meal!

How It Works

This type of fasting is able to successfully promote fat burning, because while fasting, the body ends up releasing a lot more cholesterol, which results in the body utilizing fat as a fuel source, instead of glucose. What this does is make the number of fat cells present in the body decrease in great measure. This promotes weight loss. Since it reduces sugar cravings, the body would have another energy source. In addition, it is able to normalize levels of the ghrelin enzyme. This type of enzyme is known as ‘the hunger hormone.’ It produces mainly in the stomach. This enzyme promotes the storage of food, increases the intake of food, and is responsible for stimulating appetite.
Don’t Forget to Exercise

It’s important to mention that in order for this type of fasting to function in a great measure, it is crucial to accompany it with exercise. There are a variety of exercises that you can conduct, including bicycling. Make sure to exercise every day for at least 20 minutes. If you feel that you can do it for more minutes, go for it! The number of calories that can be burned every 20-minutes of training depends on a few elements, including how fast you are pedaling and your current body weight. Those who weigh less tend to burn less calories in the same amount of time as those who weigh more, because they require more energy to fuel the cycling movement that they are conducting. When you pedal faster, which increases the intensity of the exercise, you end up burning more calories per minute.

There are a variety of different benefits that accompany intermittent fasting besides the obvious which is that of shedding pounds fast.

1. One Less Meal to Worry About

Since you are going to be eating only one meal a day, you will have one less meal to worry about, and thus, you will not have to worry about cooking. This results in extra time to get other things done.

2. Protects the Heart

Intermittent fasting is able to protect the heart from suffering from heart disease, as well as reduce other risk factors that can cause health issues later on down the road, including high glucose levels, triglyceride levels, elevated cholesterol levels, and coronary disease.

3. Delays Aging

Several studies that have been conducted on intermittent fasting show that this type of fasting creates a cellular respond that reinforces cellular protection, optimizes energy metabolism, and reduces oxidative inflammation and damage. What this means is that you can look years younger in a short period of time for many years to come when you opt for it.

4. Easier than Dieting

Studies show that people are able to adapt more quickly to intermittent fasting than a diet. This is due to diet requiring one to follow a great number of steps.

Intermittent Fasting: A Proven Easy Weight-Loss Method That Works in a Short Period of Time

Intermittent fasting definitely works. You can start seeing results in a week! The steps of it are pretty easy to follow, hence its popularity. Millions of people around the globe have already put it to the test and thus are now shedding pounds like they never have before. Yes, there are many weight-loss options on the market that promise to aid you, but if you are looking for an easy route to take that doesn’t consist of a great number of instructions to follow, intermittent fasting is for you!

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