Mt. Manabu

Mt. Manabu is an ideal hiking destination for all hikers, particularly for beginners. It is situated at Sto. Tomas Batangas. It is part of  Malipunyo Mountain Range as one of its three major peaks. It is perfect for both day hikes and overnight camps. Kids from ten years old and above can hike this type of terrain.The trek is easy and it is marked with nine stations circling the mountain, mostly flat treks, and has enough shade from huge trees and bamboo to cover from the heat of the sun.

The term Mt. Manabu derived from the word as “mataas na bundok” flanked by the mountains of Susong Dalaga and Malipunyo. It is one of the highest mountains of Calabarzon area and has an allocation of 720 meters above sea level.

On the way to registration area (sleepy——>)
Starting point from Registration
Start trekking

Station 8 Grotto
Gusto nya may sunglasses tlg sya if time of picture taking hehe
Gutom na xa, pati kugon kinain

A day before the hike, you should get ready and pack only necessary things like a water bottle, trekking pole, trail food, extra shirts, sunglasses, a camera and your favorite things. You have to remember that the lighter the bag you carry, the easier it is to walk.

Catmon Fruit

In our province of Bukidnon, Catmon fruit is familiar to the local community, and we eat and use this fruit for making sauces as well as for flavoring fish. There are some studies about Catmon fruit for our health benefits. Read

Entering the mossy forest


There are no safe mountains. Climb at your own risk, because your team, your guide, and the organizers are not responsible for accidents.

Having an excellent guide is probably the most important thing when hiking since they are familiar with the terrain.

View from Mt. Manabu looking at Mt. Maculot

Way to Summit
Mt. Manabu Summit

Hey! ang baho! hehe
Mt. Malipunyo
Susong Dalaga Mountain
View from the Summit
Ninja Tortoise

Denver playing with his pet snake hehe

After we ascended the summit, we continued our trek and went to Mang Pirying and Mang Tino’s Kubo for free Civet Coffee.This Alamid Civet Coffee is one of the world’s most expensive types of coffee. What is special about it? Civet cats wander out of the jungle at night into a coffee plantation and select only the prime and the ripest coffee beans to eat. These coffee beans produced from their poops are being used to make this fantastic civet coffee. In fact, civet’s digestive enzymes also improve the flavor of the beans. Info:

Alamid coffee courtesy of Tatay Tino

After we drink the special coffee of Tatay Tino and Mang Pirying, we continued our trek and were ready to go home. We had a beautiful day and enjoyed our day hike on this glorious mountain of Manabu.



See you next trekking Pinays!

How to get here:

Take a Lipa or Lucena bound bus at LRT Buendia. Then, inform the bus driver to drop you off at Brgy. San Pedro, Sto. Tomas. From Sto. Tomas, then ride a trike to Sulok. Make sure to visit the Barangay Hall for registration before starting your trek. Registration fee is 20 pesos per head. You can also request a guide here. A guide is around 300-500 pesos (you can ask a lower amount).






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