Conquering Mt. Pico de loro & Monolith

Climbing mountains is a great privilege and pleasure that hikers enjoy, and if you are anything like me, you will be amazed by the extraordinarily large size of the trees and rock formations as you walk through the exotic, beautiful flowers surrounding you. Another nice feature of this area is the ability to give back through planting new trees which you can do through a program available at the jump off area. Also, as with any hike, do not throw out your garbage like candy wrappers or water bottles, and instead bring along something to pack your trash to be disposed of at the checkpoints. Lastly, when you hike mountains, you will feel at home with nature and the environment while spending time with your friend.

Mt. Pico de Loro is an epic hike and one of the most breathtaking mountains I have ever climbed. The drawback is that it is also an incredibly tough climb as the paths are narrow and the incline is steeper than most. Make one mistake, and you might be sliding right back down on your rear. As you look down, you see the cliff and the warning signs of “climb at your own risk”. “wag pabebe, baka matulak ka ng kasama mo”.


There is no need to hurry as you will get to the summit in time as long as you leave early enough in the day. Just enjoy the hike and the breathtaking views with your fellow hikers. Be sure to stop and catch your breath when needed since you will be pulling in a lot thinner air than when you are in the city. A lot cleaner air as well! There are more stop-overs along the way, and once you get there, you will find your friends waiting for you if you are one of the slower ones.

Waiting with my other friends. I should not hike so fast hehe

As I go along, I start to see the summit of Pico de Loro. There are many hikers already there, so it will get a little crowded by hiking standards, but we should still have enough free space to sit at the summit. From what I can tell there is still one more hour of ascent under the hot summer sun with no shade in sight. Good thing I have plenty of water to handle the last bit, haha.

With friend Juna
Breathtaking background
Rock’n roll!!
Balance ‘might full

Whoa, we need to resume our trek since it is getting even hotter. Finally, we arrived at Pico de Loro summit after a hot 80° assault of 15-20 minutes that was tough, but worth it.

Summit finally

Here we go, this is the most difficult part of Monolith which is a dangerous rock climbing area known as “Buwis Buhay”. This is not advisable for those who are afraid of heights, are asthmatic, who have high blood pressure, or any health issues.

Getting ready to climb Monolith

With Friends, thank you guys

Yeheyy top of Monolith at last

Try not to limit your happiness! Explore your World! See you for the next travel Pinays!

Things to bring:

  1. Trail food
  2. Trail water 2L or Gatorade
  3. Gloves
  4. Camera/Phones
  5. Extra budget for extra expenses
  6. Headlamp/Flashlight with extra batteries
  7. Arm sleeves/Cap
  8. Extra set of clothes
  9. Packed Lunch
  10. First aid kit including meds you are currently taking
  11. Raincoat/Rainjacket

Suggested Itinerary:

4:00 AM      Meet up at Coastal Mall Bus Terminal bound to Maragondon Cavite.
5:00 AM      ETD Leave by Bus bound to Maragondon, Cavite.
6:30 AM      ETA Arrival and breakfast for 30 minutes. Eateries are open in the tricycle terminal.
7:00 AM      Hire a tricycle to take you to DENR Office for registration.
7:45 AM      ETA DENR Office for Registration. Registration Fee (Php 25.00).
8:00 AM      Start Trek
8:30 AM      ETA Rene Medina Place, another registration for (Php25.00)
10:00 AM    ETA Saddle Campsite
11:45 AM    ETA Summit, Lunch, Photo Op, Scaling the Rock MonolithOption 1: BackTrack to Ternate, Cavite
1:00 PM      Start descent, backtrack to Magnetic Hill.
3:30 PM      ETA Jump-off point, proceed to DENR and wash up.
4:30 PM      Take tricycle back to Ternate then take the bus back to Manila.
8:00 PM      ETA Manila.Option 2: Traverse to Nasugbu, Batangas
1:00 PM     Start descent to Nasugbu-Ternate Highway
4:00 PM     ETA Nasugbu-Ternate Highway
7:00 PM     If from DENR, hire tricycle back to Maragondon Bus terminal
7:30 PM     Last bus trip to Manila leaves at 7:30 PM
Usual expenses to be prepared for:
Php 81     Bus ticket to Maragondon, Cavite
Php 225   Tricycle fare from Maragondon to DENR Office in Ternate, Cavite (can be shared up to 4-6 persons)
Php 25    DENR Registration Fee
Php 25   2nd Registration fee in Rene Medina’s place.
Php 81   Bus ticket fare to Coastal Mall, Pasay.

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