Mt. Pigingan

This morning, I woke up a little bit sleepy, but the anticipation of my upcoming hike for the day gave me the boost that I needed to keep going.

Although I was still shaking off my sleepiness, I looked out my window to discover what a great morning it was. The weather is bright, fresh and ideal conditions for a day hike.

Today I am taking my newest adventure to the slopes of Mt. Pigingan. This particular mountain located at Dalupirip Itogon, Benguet. It is considered a mountain with a medium difficult in ascending and descending areas. I had to go to practice hiking the terrain so that the hike would be a successful one.

We started our ascent around 6 AM in the morning to beat the warmer temperatures of the afternoon sun. I watched as the sun rising behind the mountain peak. It was a quite stunning site to see the sun cross the fog and bursting into a bright light.

Along the way, I also encountered a river which is about a knee height with a slow current, but be aware if it is raining, you have to be more careful in crossing.

In this situation, the water flow becomes swifter, and it is highly recommended that you use a rope with a partner to cross safely.

This type of terrain is you have to strive because part of it is rocky, along with ascending and descending areas. It can be tricky because you can slip if it is raining or get heat stroke from the extreme temperatures if the sun is down on you.

As I continued my hike, I was able to encounter the magnificence of nature in my backyard.
I spotted a little creek in which I put my hands into feel. It was something that felt almost unnatural because the water was both warm and cold. It was quite refreshing!

Most hikers suggested this Mt. Pigingan before planning for a big hike. Because of its exhausting inclines and declines, and it’s prolonged assault, Indeed! I can tell why most hikers recommend these.

After a few hours of walking, the sun was more getting hotter. Our skin was getting stuffy, and we smell like cows haha. We need to find an area that something shuts out light so we can rest for a while and then pushed on walking. One thing I’ve learned, of going hiking was; the more you take a rest longer, the more you feel getting tired, and sleepy. It is ok if you walk slowly but continuously.

We reached the noble tree of Mt. Pigingan. In fact, all hikers, tourists stop by and wait for the line to take a picture of themselves. If you are on this mountain, don’t waste your less time, take a pose and have a few duplicate image for your self of this tree with you.

We pushed on walking until we reached up to the hill with few pine trees that provide shades. As we continued walking for a few minutes, we reached the campsite, and we rested for a while, and then we also refilled our water bottle.

I was sitting on the ground, then this block beetle walking towards me. I was frightened that time because it was huge, but it was nutty because the beetle was trying to avoid my feet haha I might have feet aroma

As we go along, we passed by a few pine trees. It was so quick that after 30 minutes of walking, we reached the summit. The summit has a slant rock formations, and it was incredible. The view was fantastic, and I was entirely star struck with the beauty of nature. It was clearing; the fog has vanished for a while, and we could see the whole mountain surrounds us.

After being mesmerized by the beauty of the mountain, we take a few pictures of ourselves, and then we go back to the trail afterward.
This journey was worth it even though we strived against the warmness of the sun.

Happy trekking Pinays!

I was at the top of the summit, and sitting on the top of the rock cliff. It was deadly risky if you don’t know how to balance your self.
I saw some rocks art. You can see these anywhere on the trail.

How to get there.

This hiking should be plan ahead of time, to make sure you have a guide and a rented jeep.

Take a bus Victory Liner from Cubao going to Bagiuo. Then ride a jeepney/monster jeep going to the registration area.


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