Why you need to Eat Fruits

Why you need to Eat Fruits

In as far as people struggle to keep healthy and remain fit, it shouldn’t be a struggle at all. A healthy diet should be your daily routine, and the more you keep to the routine the easier it gets, and you are certainly able to maintain it. A healthy diet prevents illnesses; adds more nutrients to your body to enable the body fight against infections, equips you with adequate energy, not forgetting the mental and physical benefits that come with it.

Fruits are an essential part of this diet that shouldn’t be omitted in any diet, if anything, a regulatory intake of fruit is advised, and doctors recommend it a lot. Fruits are helpful in detoxification, providing nutritional benefits, dietary fiber, and even in weight loss. Fruits can be freshly eaten from the garden, dried squeezed to avail them during the off season, or bottled. Also with the much chemicals used by the farmers and fertilizers, adding the time taken to avail them to consumers; it’s even far much advised that if you have the space in your property, to plant your fruits, so as to eat them fresh from the garden. A fruit consumed just a few hours from the time it was picked far more nutritious.

Benefits associated with fruits

Fruits have a lot of nutrients that are helpful in fighting infections such as the now growing common lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, some types of cancer, and heart-related diseases.

Nutritional value

Fruits are rich in potassium, which is essential in regulating blood pressure and also minimizes the chances of getting kidney stones. They also have low-fat content and cholesterol hence promoting a healthy lifestyle. They are also rich in fiber that facilitates the proper digestion and lowers the risk of heart diseases.


In today’s world, people are exposed to too many toxins from the industries as a result of the various types of pollution. In addition to this, people subject themselves to added stress; say fear of foreclosures due to default in loans and mortgages among other personal stress. It increases the acid levels in the body resulting in chemical imbalances. Toxins can; hence, result in increased chances of heart diseases, diabetes, among others. Fruits, on the other hand, provide an alkaline environment that helps neutralize the acidic environment created, while also providing adequate energy to the body. Minerals present in the fruits also cleanse the body organs enabling them to function efficiently.

Free radicals

When the body reacts with oxygen a lot of molecules are produced that often react with others, lowering their protein levels, and attacking their membranes and genes. It affects the immunity of the body, triggering the onset of diseases, among other complications. It is further facilitated by pollution, use of alcohol, and smoking. To fight this; however, the body produces antioxidants naturally. Fruits, however, could play a much greater role since they are rich in these antioxidants, and will help the body fight the free radicals better.

Weight loss

Weight loss has become quite a common endeavor nowadays. However, it is helpful to have a flexible body to easily move around and be proud of to improve your self-esteem. You will be happy to know that fruits could help you in this undertaking. Fruits are rich in nutrients and fibers, in as much as you are losing weight, you still require all the nutrients the body needs for its proper functioning. One way to do this could be taking fruits all through; you could have fruits for breakfast, lunch, as a snack, and even for dinner. Altering the quantities and consuming different fruits as well. They will help you get full quickly hence cutting down the quantity of food you take, and also provide you with the much-needed energy to help you burn calories easily.

Physical and mental health

With fruit intake, even though you opt not to take any other food, you will always remain healthy and hence physically fit. Additionally, fruits boost your mental health by lowering anxiety, depression, mood swings and even panic attacks, keeping you in good health condition mentally and physically.

Nutritional value of fruits

Different fruits have different nutritional value, while others may even grant you more than one of the nutrients. They play different roles in the body and have proven quite efficient in prevention and even healing of various diseases. A few of the nutrients that they contain include;


Found mostly in bananas, apricots, oranges, plums, peaches among other fruits. It plays an essential role in the regulation of blood pressure levels and also lowers the chances of getting kidney stones.
Dietary Fiber

Dietary fiber

It is found in almost every fruit and vegetable, but you have to take the whole fruit since fruit juices lack the fibers. It’s essential to digestion; more so in the prevention of constipation. It also prevents the risk of heart diseases and lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Vitamins c

Mangoes, oranges, grapes and apples are rich in vitamin c. It aids in repair and growth of body tissues, therefore playing a great role in the healing of wounds, and cuts as well as keeping the gums and teeth healthy. It’s also among the essential antioxidants that the body needs to neutralize the free radicals.


Many may be amused by the mention of proteins in fruits. Fruits are often rich in most nutrients, proteins being no exception. Proteins are helpful in the formation of body muscles, ligaments, tendons, the hairs, and nails as well as the enzymes and hormones in the body. Fruits rich in proteins include; avocado, figs, walnuts, dates among others.


Fats from fruits are free of the bad fats, hydrogenated and saturated fats that most of the foods consumed today contain. It hence is not only healthy but essential to the body. It provides the body with essential fatty acids and minerals that enable one stay healthy.

Fruits are as necessary as any food you eat. So make an effort to eat as many fruits as you can. Don’t hesitate to eat as many fruits as you can whenever you get the chance.

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